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Custom Ecommerce Site

Free Custom Ecommerce Site

Having a strong presence on the Internet is critical to the success of any company. We can assist you in setting up an ecommerce website through to provide a fast and easy way for your customers to access your products. This is a value-added service we offer at no additional charge.

The Advantage is a private-labeled ecommerce website that allows you and your customers a convenient approach to ordering products. We give you the ability to control the site by choosing the products that are available and the prices that are shown.

Your customers will simply log in with a specific user name and password and your company logo will display on the screen along with the products you have chosen. This private-labeled website allows your end-users to purchase your products 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    • Website pages are private labeled with your company logo to help build your brand.
    • Each user (sales rep or customer) has a unique user name and password to access your site.
    • You choose the products to sell on your site with your item codes and prices.
    • Orders can only be submitted with proper PO or credit card approval.
    • Your administrator has the option to approve orders via email.
    • Users have the ability to download private-labeled MSDS’s, test procedures and training videos.

custom eCommerce website