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  • Thanks for your help. AquaPhoenix really has top-notch customer service and in today's world where customer service seems to be dead-on-arrival, it's a pleasure to deal with a company like yours.

    C.T., from a water treatment company in NC

  • In today's environment, it is not always easy to build true partnerships with vendors. The support and extra effort demonstrated today is the definition of exceptional customer service. Very much appreciated!

    P.R., from a water treatment company in Canada

  • Just a note to let you know that your customer service department did a great job of getting an order in the system late yesterday afternoon. We needed ATP swabs to assist a customer and they had to ship same day for the meeting. Not sure if Emma and her group use track shoes or rollerblades, but they are simply great!

    M.W., from a chemical company in MN

  • The effort you guys put in here is much appreciated. You told us it would be quick and you delivered.

    B.K., New Jersey

  • You guys are awesome at QC! There hasn't been a single kit in the shipments this summer with missing pieces-- very impressive! Please pass along my thanks to your team.

    H.M., from a university in IL

  • Honestly, and this is no joke, AquaPhoenix has some of the nicest, most helpful, resourceful, diligent, and most importantly, competent team of individuals that I’ve ever dealt with. The owner should be very proud. Tell everyone to keep up the good work.

    S.L., from a specialty chemical company in Ohio

  • AquaPhoenix Scientific has always been unwavering in their commitment to quality, flexibility and service. They have industry leading products, innovative packaging and unmatched dedication to customer satisfaction. Their staff is highly motivated, knowledgeable and able to handle specialized and unique requests. Delivery is prompt and their shipments are accurate. They are a true business partner and driving force behind our organization’s success.

    J.J., from a leading scientific supply company in Pennsylvania

  • When I called you, I was hoping for a fair resolution. From our dealings so far, I was confident that you’d make it right somehow. You did so and then some. I gave you an “out” in good faith, and in good faith you chose not to take it. That speaks volumes and means a great deal to me. You guys are a breath of fresh air. Your commitment to customer service enables us to do the same.

    T.M., Pennsylvania

  • I just wanted to thank the wonderful staff in customer service for their prompt help. Whenever I call in I know I will receive the information I need from a representative who is ready and willing to assist. Two thumbs up for AquaPhoenix customer service!

    A.H., from a world-wide water treatment company in OH

  • The AquaPhoenix gift box arrived and I want to say thanks. And I also want to say thanks for the support this year. Your team is the best I work with.

    J.W., from a leading water treatment supply company

  • I wanted to let you know you have earned my business. I have been impressed with your responsiveness and ability to implement changes that meet our needs. Thanks and keep up the good work. I look forward to doing more business with you in the years to come.

    A.N., from a water treatment company in Pennsylvania

  • We are using AquaPhoenix more and more. Thank you for the quality products you deliver. We appreciate that you listen to your customers.

    E.S., from a food processing company in WA

  • Once again, thanks for the great products you are offering [us]. I am excited to see the standardized tests and the consistency we can now offer our field reps. I look forward to working with you to make all of the EndPoint ID test kits available soon.

    M.K., from a national water treatment company in New York

  • It has been a pleasure to work with everyone at AquaPhoenix. You guys were always nice and pleasant and were never short of extraordinary whenever I needed help. I wish I had more colleagues and suppliers like you guys. Thank you for making my job a little bit easier.

    R.C., Pennsylvania

  • Wow, you guys are great! Thanks for taking care of this so quickly!

    K.M., from a world-wide water treatment company in NJ

  • Thanks for always being so helpful.

    S.W., from a metal finishing supply company in MD

  • I’m really sorry for all the trouble….but I have to say it…..WOW! What a wonderful customer service team AquaPhoenix has. If every supplier I have in my system were like you, business would be easy.

    R.L., from a water treatment company in Canada

  • You don’t hear from me often because you guys do such an awesome job with the high amount of orders that we send you. That’s why I have a lot of respect for your company.

    M.V., from a large water treatment supply company in IL

  • I just got my order this afternoon, thanks for delivering so quickly. I look forward to doing business with your company in the future.

    J.S., from a large snack food company in PA

  • I just wanted to let you know that it’s a pleasure doing business with people like you. You were very pleasant on the phone and I really appreciate the very quick response.

    B.M., from a university in WA

  • We really appreciate the working relationship we have with you.

    N.B., from a food and dairy company in AL

  • I am thoroughly impressed with the private labeling. We just got out first reagent order using it and it looked very nice. My boss was impressed as well!

    J.C., Tennessee

  • Good job.  Thanks again for doing everything possible to serve us. You guys are the best.

    B.W., from a water treatment and food company in CA

  • AquaPhoenix has been a dependable supplier of the critical analytical supplies we need for our service business. Thank you for your dedication and consistency.

    L.B., from an international water company

  • Great company to work with. Customer Service and everyone at Aquaphoenix are very diligent and take the extra step to make sure that the customer is satisfied.

    Y.M,, from a water treatment company in Canada

  • Your customer service is superb!! Its always a joy to interact with your company; everyone is always so kind, friendly and helpful!

    S.M., from a manufacturer in Canada

  • I used to think Hach, Taylor, and LaMotte were the only way to go when selecting a test kit supplier - go directly to the source. No longer, I'd rather deal with one supplier, especially one as knowledgeable, helpful and courteous as Aquaphoenix. Plus the bonus of no-upcharge private labeling. What a bonus!

    S.F., from a chemical company in Tennessee

  • I always recommend APS to my fellow colleagues. You guys are great! Could not see how my work life would be without you!

    R.M., from a chemical plant in New York

  • I can't tell you how much I enjoy the working relationship with all of the people I have talked to at AquaPhoenix throughout the years. They are so helpful and friendly and I look forward to talking to each and everyone of them when I place an order. You truly have a very committed staff in every way possible.They brighten your day in all aspects of their jobs.I feel truly blessed since day one of working with them and look forward to many more years working with AquaPhoenix.

    P.R., from a water company in Texas

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