Aliquot: Business Software for the Water Industry

Unique Software for Water Services

The water industry faces unique challenges that makes ordinary software difficult to fit into their workflow. Companies that focus on water services often cover several jobsites that have their own water quality needs, equipment, and reporting requirements. To meet all the demands of such work requires extensive customizing of software or purchasing multiple packages of software. We designed Aliquot to meet the needs of companies working in the water industry. Whether you are in wastewater, drinking water, cooling towers, boilers, water conditioning, or any business that requires water quality data, Aliquot can improve data management, collaborate with your team, and expedite reporting.

Aliquot is designed for water treatment work of all kinds regardless of industry.

Record Data During Field Service

Aliquot works while your hands are getting dirty at the jobsite. Aliquot is a cloud-based platform that allows you to log water quality data directly into the app. No more transcription errors or duplicate entries going from hastily written notes in the field to the formal report. The mobile Aliquot app allows you to immediately see the last three data points and view your custom reports. With this functionality you can make informed decisions without having to return to the office or pull out your laptop. Manage your business in the office or while performing field service.

Aliquot can also help you improve the quality of your data. If a data point seems strange, operators can record a note on it with our voice-to-text function. You can also require signatures of operators after data entry to ensure compliance. The app is programmed to handle data from multiple sources including: online analyzers, sensors, probes, or even test kits.

Data logging can be done in the field with the app or on the desktop version.

Align and Collaborate with Your Team

With Aliquot all of your data and reports are in one secure place. With one central location for data logging, reporting, and controller administration, you can be certain your team has the latest information for their work.

Manage your team by creating automated email alerts for specific water quality parameters allowing for operators to arrive before a disaster occurs. Generate custom QR codes so your team can open the app on the right screen every time. Direct your employees with map-based visualizations for each worksite. You can even map out the most efficient route through the area.

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With Aliquots ability to integrate with controllers on site, you can prevent costly return trips to adjust settings. Our team of professionals can help connect the app to most controllers, allowing you to adjust settings from anywhere. You can be alerted to a water quality problem and make the necessary dosing adjustments in the Aliquot app.

Using Aliquot’s more efficient workflow designs and tools you can guide your team through accounts big and small.

Expedite Reporting and Data Visualization

Generating reports can be one of the most time-consuming aspects of the job. Different areas, such as boilers, cooling towers, and wastewater, require specific types of data presentation. With Aliquot’s centralized data system, report generation becomes automated. You only need to create the necessary graph once, and it will automatically update with the latest data. This template can then be used across various job sites. Specifically designed for the water industry, Aliquot enables the generation of service reports, equipment surveys, site audits, inspection checklists, and other compliance-required reports. Our one-touch reporting feature allows you to create images of your graphs and visualizations, which can be directly attached to emails. This keeps your customers informed, satisfied, and reassured that your treatment processes are functioning as intended.

You can customize reports from Aliquot for each project.

Water Quality Software for Everyone

AquaPhoenix strives to be your one source for water quality supplies and reagents. With Aliquot we can be your one source for data management software. Aliquot is scalable business software designed with industrial water treatment in mind. It is customizable and capable of growing alongside your needs. Log data, generate reports, connect to on-site water controllers, and manage your team all in one app. Schedule a demo today to see how Aliquot can integrate into your current workflow to start saving you time and money on every job.

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