AquaPhoenix acquires Innovative Waters, expanding equipment offering for Water Treatment industry

HANOVER, Pennsylvania, June 18, 2021 – AquaPhoenix Scientific, Inc., is pleased to announce they have acquired Innovative Waters, LLC, a cellular modem company located in Madison, Wisconsin.

As part of the purchase, AquaPhoenix will now own and manage the modemMillie™ CellularModem. The modemMillie™ cellular internet modem uses embedded software to provide an independent, always-on internet connection for industrial devices. By combining the two organizations’ products and capabilities, AquaPhoenix further commits to bringing you essential solutions “Where Water and Technology Meet.”

“We are very fortunate to continue to grow our product offering. Our team looks forward to welcoming Innovative Waters customers to the AquaPhoenix family and providing them with the exceptional value that we deliver,” said Frank Lecrone, President of AquaPhoenix.

This is an exciting event for our companies, customers, employees and suppliers, as both AquaPhoenix and Innovative Waters have many years of experience supplying the industrial water treatment industry.

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