AquaPhoenix Hosts Lean Manufacturing Peer Group

group of people gathering at AquaPhoenix to learn more about lean operation Continuous improvement has long been part of the AquaPhoenix culture. We recently had the opportunity to host local business owners going through their own Lean journey. The Lean peer group gives company leaders the opportunity to revamp and reenergize their Lean strategy by networking with and learning from others who are committed to creating a Lean culture. A group of 20 gathered at AquaPhoenix to learn from our experiences and tour our state-of-art facility.

More about AquaPhoenix
AquaPhoenix Scientific has worked hard to establish a corporate culture in which each employee is committed to safety, quality control and customer service. With these priorities driving our business, we are confident we will remain an industry leader, dedicated to building long-term relationships with our customers. To maintain our high standards of service and customer support, continuous improvement is at the core of AquaPhoenix. Through lean manufacturing initiatives, we are always looking for ways to reduce waste and improve efficiency. We feel this constant evolution is vital to our success and we will always work hard to provide the best customer experience.