AquaPhoenix Scientific Delivers Mobile Testing App to Simplify Service Reports

AquaPhoenix Scientific, Inc. today announced the launch of their first mobile app available on iOS and Android. Aliquot™ is a mobile testing application designed for water technicians to simplify their daily testing. Aliquot allows technicians to visually plan routes, set-up and run tests, create custom reports, access other great AquaPhoenix resources, and order testing supplies. Managers have the ability to manage their entire team from one console. A dynamic map shows customer, facility, and prospect locations with color-coded geo pin.

“This is just another service we now provide that will make our customers’ lives easier.” said Frank Lecrone, III, President of AquaPhoenix. “We’re excited to be able to offer a tech solution that fills a need for real-time field testing. Aliquot is slick and can replace outdated notebooks and spreadsheets…our customers don’t bang rocks together to make fire anymore!”

Aliquot users can configure the app for custom testing requirements and customer reporting. Contacts, photos, notes and other pertinent information can be stored on the app and accessed via web console.

The launch comes after a very successful beta test and additional development time to increase functionality and include all feedback. The recent acquisition of H2trOnics also allows for seamless integration of the app data with eServiceReport. More information on the integration to come.

For more information and to see a demo video visit

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