AquaPhoenix Scientific Featured in Nextec Group Customer Story

Here at AquaPhoenix Scientific we are always working towards making our business more efficient to better serve our customers. As we grow it means looking hard at how we conduct business to ensure it is efficient and serving our customer’s needs. Whether it is improving our warehouse practices to get orders out the door faster or upgrading our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to more efficiently handle our day-to-day business.

Around 15 years ago we needed to upgrade our ERP software to meet the needs of our growing business. We landed on Sage X3 as the software and enlisted the help of the Nextec Group to help us launch and integrate fully with the software. They understood our needs and had specialty in implementing ERPs for manufacturing businesses like us.

After a decade long partnership, our friends at the Nextec Group felt we warranted a customer story. Our dedication to lean manufacturing and requirements for flexible processes made us an interesting (to put it generously!) partner to work with. In the water treatment world, no two customers are the same and we needed a system and a partner that could handle that.

Thanks to our IT Director Mitch Medina and his team working tirelessly with the wonderful people at the Nextec Group, we were able to get Sage X3 integrated. It is now a daily part of our business and we continue to receive valuable support from our partners. Sage X3 is constantly being refined to make our business run smoother. We also owe Mitch a big thank you for representing AquaPhoenix Scientific by sitting down with the Nextec Group for an interview so this article could be written.

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