AquaPhoenix Sponsors Students in NASA Rocket Launch Program

AquaPhoenix is proud to once again support the Spring Grove High School Student Launch Initiative (SLI) program as an official sponsor. This year, the 2015 SLI team used the rocketry kits built at AquaPhoenix in their educational programming.

On March 11th and 18th, students from the 7th and 8th grade were invited to Spring Grove High School to participate in a rocketry workshops lead by the SLI team. Students worked alongside the SLI team members to build their own small model rockets, then launched their rockets with the assistance of the SLI team members and coaches Brian Hastings and Renee Eaton.

On April 11th, 2015, the Spring Grove High School SLI team members will travel to Huntsville, Alabama to launch their full-scale rocket. The launch in Huntsville will be streamed live on the web. You can follow along using the links below.

SLI_04 SLI_01 SLI_02 SLI_03