AquaPhoenix Earns Ruby Status as a Walchem OEM Partner

We are honored and grateful to have been recognized by Iwaki America for our Ruby status for “Outstanding Sales Performance as a Walchem OEM Partner.

AquaPhoenix received the award for Outstanding Sales Performance as a Walchem OEM Partner

One of our core values is to continually “WOW” our customers by going above and beyond what is expected. Our partnership with Iwaki America allows us to do just that. As an OEM partner of Walchem, a division of Iwaki America, we have been able to leverage their state-of-the-art technology and engineering expertise to offer customized solutions that meet our customers’ unique needs.

Through excellence, teamwork, and innovation, we’ve reached this milestone. We are particularly proud of our sales and service teams, whose commitment, work, dedication, and passion for customer service have been instrumental in helping us achieve this recognition. Thanks to the dedication and hard work of our team, we are able to accomplish such a feat.

Continuous improvement is at the core of our day-to-day operations, and it remains our goal to keep business as simple as possible. Through partnerships like Iwaki America, we will continue to deliver exceptional results for years to come. We are grateful to Iwaki America for recognizing our efforts, and we look forward to further strengthening our relationship to best serve our customers.

CHEMetrics joins the AquaPhoenix family

HANOVER, Pennsylvania, October 25, 2022 – AquaPhoenix Scientific, LLC, is pleased to announce it has acquired CHEMetrics, Inc. in Midland, Virginia.

CHEMetrics manufactures water analysis test kits and instrumentation that utilize self-filling reagent ampoules for increased simplicity, speed and safety in water quality testing. The organization has served the industrial water, petroleum refining, chemical process, food & beverage, power generation, and other water treatment industries since 1969.

“We have been a distributor of the CHEMetrics line of test kits for nearly two decades,” says Frank Lecrone, CEO of AquaPhoenix. “Adding their team’s knowledge and industry-leading products to the AquaPhoenix family will give our customers even more options for effective water management.”

“We look forward to expanding into new markets and continuing to offer the best products and service available.”

The acquisition of CHEMetrics is another example of AquaPhoenix executing its growth strategy of acquiring businesses that align with its core competencies, allowing AquaPhoenix to best serve critical customer segments.

“We’re delighted to begin a new chapter in the 53-year history of our company,” says CHEMetrics President Bruce Rampy. “With the blending of the AquaPhoenix and CHEMetrics product lines, distribution networks and management teams, the combined company will be better positioned to meet customers’ needs.”

To learn more about CHEMetrics, please visit

The McLean Group served as financial advisors.

Aliquot Pro Launch meet the new app for water treatment

Aliquot Pro, the mobile companion app for eSR with Flex Reports, has launched! Modernize the way you and your customers manage data with our cloud-based data management software. When used together, these tools allow you to create a centralized location for data entry, data storage and analysis.

New Aliquot Pro Features Include:

View Last 3 Results

See recent test history when writing reports (online mode)

Turnkey Report Entry

Automatically sync data directly to your eSR site

Voice-to-Text Comments

Quickly dictate report comments using voice to text

Controller Connectivity

View recent data history and connect to your compatible controller

SmartScan Compatibility

Scan custom QR codes to instantly navigate within the app (coming soon)

Report Image Attachments

Include images and captions from your device with the touch of a button

Map-based Visualization

View map pins for each customer location and receive navigation instructions

eSR and Aliquot being used on different devices

Download Aliquot Pro

eSR account required to use Aliquot Pro. Contact us to learn more.

download on the Apple app store icon
Field trip takes 7th graders on tour of AquaPhoenix

Students from South Western School District traveled to AquaPhoenix Scientific on a field trip April 8. The students began their visit by listening to a presentation on the history of the company, core values, and the career opportunities at AquaPhoenix. CEO, Frank Lecrone, a South Western alum, was on hand for students to ask questions. The students then broke up into smaller groups to tour the facility and get some hands-on experience running a titration and dissecting an owl pellet.

On the tour, students met our continuous improvement mascot, Aviator Kyle, and heard how each member of our team can offer suggestions as part of an ongoing effort to make us a better organization. They also visited our chemistry lab, kitting, and shipping lines during the tour.

AquaPhoenix employees giving students a tour of the facility

Next, students learned proper sample handling and testing techniques using AquaPhoenix reagents. Our Chemists helped students run a titration on a sample of water resulting in a color-change. To ensure accurate results, students followed instructions for getting eye level with the sample vial, measuring from the bottom of the meniscus, and holding the dropper bottles vertically for uniform drops.

middle school students using an AquaPhoenix test kit

Our Education Department facilitated the next activity which was the ever-popular Kemtec Owl Pellet Kit. Pellets are a record of what owls have eaten so when students dissect them, they can see and identify the tiny bones from that owl’s meal and learn about the owl’s diet and place in the food web.

A final word to our student visitors: stay curious and ask lots of questions. Thanks for visiting!

AquaPhoenix Breaks Ground on Corporate Headquarters Expansion

image of the AquaPhoenix headquarters from aboveAs part of its community commitment and dedication to continuous improvement, AquaPhoenix officially broke ground for an expansion of its corporate headquarters. The project will add a further 90,000 square feet of warehousing and manufacturing facilities to the existing 200,000 square feet footprint.  

“Through our years of incredible growth, we’ve called Hanover home, so to be able to expand our headquarters in my hometown, is important,” said Frank Lecrone, CEO. “We never imagined outgrowing the warehouse when we moved into this new space in 2017, and five years on, I don’t expect the new expansion to be vacant for long.” 

“It’s been a challenge to meet the needs of our growing business with our existing space,” added Henry Bushinski, Vice President. “This investment in our corporate headquarters allows us to better plan for the future and increase efficiency. It will give us more room to grow and fix storage-related issues.”  

Construction is officially underway on the warehouse expansion project for AquaPhoenix headquarters and is set for completion by the end of 2022. AquaPhoenix has once again partnered with Conewago Enterprises to complete this project. Conewago constructed our two-story office and renovated our modern, climate-controlled warehouse in 2016. We can’t wait to give you a tour.

overhead image of the AquaPhoenix warehouse and headquarters
AquaPhoenix Named one of Top 50 Fastest Growing Companies for 2021

We are happy to announce that AquaPhoenix has been named as one of the Top 50 Fastest Growing Companies in Central Penn Business Journal. Central Penn Business Journal Fastest Growing Companies 2021 logo

Central Penn Business Journal’s Top 50 Fastest Growing Companies is an annual list designed to recognize the top regional businesses by revenue growth. To qualify for the 2021 list, companies were required to show revenue growth over three years ending with the fiscal year 2020. 

“It is an honor to have been recognized by CPBJ as one of the Fastest Growing Companies. AquaPhoenix has achieved strong growth since its inception in 2003, and this award reflects the tireless efforts and commitment of everyone at the company,” said Frank Lecrone, CEO of AquaPhoenix. 

AquaPhoenix was previously named to the list in 2017, 2013, 2012, and 2010.

See the full list:

AquaPhoenix Scientific Acquires AMT Scientific

HANOVER, PA, January 18, 2022 – AquaPhoenix Scientific LLC, announced that the company finalized an asset purchase agreement with AMT Scientific LLC, (Baltimore, MD), a manufacturer of biological and chemical water analysis glass ampoule test kits.

As part of the agreement, AquaPhoenix will integrate AMT’s suite of water analysis glass ampoules into its current portfolio to further strengthen the company’s position in the industrial marketplace.

“We are excited to incorporate AMT’s products into our Hanover manufacturing facility. This acquisition represents our continued focus on strengthening our product offering to remain a trusted and reliable supplier to our customers,” said Frank Lecrone, CEO of AquaPhoenix

AMT Scientific is a full-service scientific and industrial developer and manufacturer of water analysis test kits. The test kits use self-filling reagent ampoule, with simple “snap” and easy result interpretations based on visual color change.

  AMT Scientific logo


AquaPhoenix acquires Innovative Waters, expanding equipment offering for Water Treatment industry

HANOVER, Pennsylvania, June 18, 2021 – AquaPhoenix Scientific, Inc., is pleased to announce they have acquired Innovative Waters, LLC, a cellular modem company located in Madison, Wisconsin. (more…)

6S To Success in California 6S Success

In the spring of 2020, AquaPhoenix (APS) announced the acquisition of General Treatment Products, Inc. (GTP) as a means to expand equipment offerings as well as reduce lead times and shipping costs. The Continuous Improvement team was eager to assess the facility in Brea, California, and start implementing Lean Manufacturing tools that have benefited other APS locations in Texas and Pennsylvania.

A global pandemic cannot stop innovation, all it can do is delay it for a while. By December, plans were finalized and in early March, the Brea facility had a new look; the result of months of planning, a cross-functional team built from members across our three locations cleaned and installed a new layout in just one week.

The goal of the project was twofold. 1.) Re-organize the facility with a focus on organization. This has allowed the team to hone in on tank assembly, order fulfillment, and finding new ways to WOW the customer. 2.) Enhance productivity and efficiency through a new building layout. An undertaking such as this takes a lot of teamwork and collaboration. The team would also have to develop a strategy to sustain the changes made all the while making and keeping the environment safe.

Brea Before


At its core, this was a 6S project:

  • Sort
  • Set in Order
  • Shine
  • Standardize
  • Sustain
  • Safety

During the sort phase, the team was able to remove over 45 cubic yards of material from the building. This action freed up valuable space for racking, assembly, and shipping.

“In past projects I’ve seen a lot of resistance during this phase, but the team in California was incredible in identifying items that were no longer needed and taking action to dispose of them properly.” Jeremy Zepp, Inventory Manager

Once the sort phase was completed, the team moved on to the shine phase – this led to what is being called The Great Paint Job of 2021. Initially, the team had not budgeted the time to paint the inside of the buildings. Once cleared, it was evident that the walls needed to be touched up before the project could continue. The results were quick and stunning.

Great Paint Job of 2021

The Great Paint Job of 2021

“This was an ambitious project for our team but they stepped up to the plate to get it done in just a few days. It’s a great start to the year.” Henry Buschinski, Vice President of Operations

The Brea facility stocks hundreds of tanks of all different sizes. This allows for a quick turnaround of orders but also presented a challenge to the team as to how to best store tanks. Tanks can be big, bulky, and heavy. For those reasons, storage at or near ground level is the safest way to inventory them. Racks were designed so that the only tanks not on ground level were small and lightweight.

From there, the team was able to focus on standardization by adding visual management for home locations of tools, workbenches, ladders, and more. Production Supervisors James Chiado Jr. and Josh Simon were critical in this phase as they were able to guide the team on where things would be needed and how frequently they would be used.

In the end, after seven days of non-stop effort by the entire team, the results were dramatic.

  • Racking capacity was increased by 260%
  • 100% of inventory has been counted
  • Work cells have been optimized
Brea After


Please note that the work is not done. Our team is already brainstorming new work cell ideas, training courses, and areas in the building that could use a more focused project. Team members in Brea are already stepping up to get the job done. This is an exemplification of the GAS (Give A Sh*t) attitude we pride ourselves on at AquaPhoenix. We thank you for your continued support and strive to always be better.

Download 2021 Catalog

cover and inside of AquaPhoenix industrial catalog

Our 2021 catalog is now available for download. With our diverse product offering, fast shipping and a no-hassle returns, we’re sure you can find something useful in here. If you have questions or can’t find what you’re looking for, please contact us. Thank you for your business!

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