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Aliquot is Serving Customers Far and Wide

Since the launch of Aliquot we have had customers eagerly sign up from various industries and locations. From water treaters of all sizes to local governments, we have been busy providing customized software packages to meet our customers’ business needs. We have received a lot of kind words from our customers, but one client had a bit more to say than usual.

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The Client and Their Goals

Our client is a leader in water management, purification, and treatment systems with over 30 years of experience. Since their business works in most facets of water treatment, including steam generation, cooling, ultra-pure, wastewater, and even desalination, they needed a single software that could fit all their jobs. They also requested professionally styled reports that could be given to customers regardless of their industry as they work in. With industries including, tourism, agriculture, healthcare, government, and the energy sector.

With their goals understood our team set to work explaining the abilities of Aliquot and how our software and app could help them achieve their goals of efficiently and sustainably meeting their clients’ water management needs while providing the greatest value possible. To that end, we covered the ability to measure chemical inventory, the ability to calculate total time spent at a job, and to monitor the services provided. We also provided demos and instructions on how to generate professional looking reports with our templates and the possibility of a dashboard for their customers to log in to.

What our Client Says About Aliquot

After some time with the Aliquot software we sat down to ask them a few questions about their experience and how our business and field-use software impacted their business.

Q: Why did you Choose Aliquot?

A:  It’s a tool that helps us organize the information about our services, be able to better visualize the results and control the quality of the service provided. It helps us in the control of chemical products through inventory management. We currently use Flex Reports a lot, for a variety of reports beyond service or operator reports.

Q: What key functionalities are providing internal value for you?

A sample report from Aliquot showing color coded data
A: The possibility of being able to monitor the work of field engineers, knowing if the services are being carried out in a timely manner and the time that these services have lasted. The consumption of chemical products with their future projection has also been useful for budgeting them. The possibility of connecting online analysis equipment and being able to combine automatic results with the specific results of field engineers, for quality control.

Q: What key functionalities are providing internal value for your customers?

A: The ability to have the reports the same day the service was performed, the timeliness of the information has been a fundamental key. Other aspects, such as the possibility of knowing the consumption of chemical products or water consumption with its future projection, which allows the “inventory summary” have also been very well received.

Q: How has AquaPhoenix technology assisted you in acquiring additional business?

A: “Potential clients have been surprised by the use of the platform and the ability to have a special application for the services provided on site. The possibility of having the information in the cloud and being able to access it at any time and having an adequate record of when the services have been performed, has been very positive for the acquisition of new clients.”

Q: How does our software platform provide you a competitive advantage with new customers?

A: “[Aliquot] allows us to offer clients real-time information on the results of analyzes and services performed in the field, with clear and easy-to-understand reports.”

Q: How does our software platform provide you a competitive advantage with existing customers?

A: “It allows us to improve our services, adding timely results at no cost, with reports made on the same day of the service, with results reports with graphs and system history for a better understanding of the quality of the service provided.”

Q: What aspects of the platform enhance time savings for you and your team?

A: The fact of making the reports directly in Aliquot, and that they are ready to send once finished, without having to prepare an electronic sheet with the format of a report and send by email, in addition to being able to have the graphs and history of the system to prepare the “customer review reports” has saved a lot of office time for field engineers.

See What Aliquot Can Do for You

Aliquot was designed for water treaters of all sorts and is applicable to any industry or use case. Aliquot was purposefully built to help maximize efficiency by helping you understand and utilize the data you are collecting. Generate reports that tell the whole story and satisfy your clients questions, keep a secure log of data in the cloud, and help keep team efficiency up by seeing how long tasks take at each jobsite. You have the data already, Aliquot will help you leverage it into actionable insights to take your company to new heights. Schedule your demo today.

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AquaPhoenix President & CEO Named Entrepreneur of the Year by EY Blog Header showing a trophy with the title AquaPhoenix President & SEO Named Entrepreneur of the Year by EY

We are excited to announce that AquaPhoenix’s President and CEO, Frank Lecrone III was selected as one of Greater Philadelphia’s Entrepreneurs of the Year by EY! This award has been distributed by EY for nearly four decades, with the goal of recognizing the success of those with a strong entrepreneurial spirit. This award puts Frank amongst many other esteemed individuals who have won throughout the years.

Frank was elected by a panel of judges who were looking at entrepreneurial spirit, purpose, growth, impact, as well as other factors. They also recognized the success AquaPhoenix Scientific has had in offering a reliable source of testing supplies, lab supplies, reagents, and equipment to water treaters. Since the beginning of AquaPhoenix Scientific, Frank has worked to instill the company with core values to keep the team focused and on the forefront of safety, quality control, and customer service. These goals are summed up in a simple list and are still upheld by AquaPhoenix Scientific today:

  • If it isn’t Safe, Don’t do it, and Report it
  • If it is Poor Quality, Expose and Fix it
  • If a Customer Needs Assistance, Help them Immediately

He ensured these values would be carried through the company by hiring driven individuals that shared the same values. He also encouraged continuous improvement within the organization. Constructive criticism, critical thinking, and an openness to change were encouraged from the very beginning.

Frank’s values played a large part in being named Entrepreneur of the Year as well as AquaPhoenix’s continued success. His hard work and focus on building a company designed with values first has led to a great company with a fantastic team that works to improve every day. Thank you for your efforts, Frank and congratulations on the award! If you are interested in joining our fantastic team you can find more information on our join us page.

Image showing a trophy and a photo of Frank Lecrone III. Image congratulates Frank on winning Enrepreneur of the Year 2024

-Written by Zachary Waszczak

Aliquot: Business Software for the Water Industry

Unique Software for Water Services

The water industry faces unique challenges that makes ordinary software difficult to fit into their workflow. Companies that focus on water services often cover several jobsites that have their own water quality needs, equipment, and reporting requirements. To meet all the demands of such work requires extensive customizing of software or purchasing multiple packages of software. We designed Aliquot to meet the needs of companies working in the water industry. Whether you are in wastewater, drinking water, cooling towers, boilers, water conditioning, or any business that requires water quality data, Aliquot can improve data management, collaborate with your team, and expedite reporting.

Aliquot is designed for water treatment work of all kinds regardless of industry.

Record Data During Field Service

Aliquot works while your hands are getting dirty at the jobsite. Aliquot is a cloud-based platform that allows you to log water quality data directly into the app. No more transcription errors or duplicate entries going from hastily written notes in the field to the formal report. The mobile Aliquot app allows you to immediately see the last three data points and view your custom reports. With this functionality you can make informed decisions without having to return to the office or pull out your laptop. Manage your business in the office or while performing field service.

Aliquot can also help you improve the quality of your data. If a data point seems strange, operators can record a note on it with our voice-to-text function. You can also require signatures of operators after data entry to ensure compliance. The app is programmed to handle data from multiple sources including: online analyzers, sensors, probes, or even test kits.

Data logging can be done in the field with the app or on the desktop version.

Align and Collaborate with Your Team

With Aliquot all of your data and reports are in one secure place. With one central location for data logging, reporting, and controller administration, you can be certain your team has the latest information for their work.

Manage your team by creating automated email alerts for specific water quality parameters allowing for operators to arrive before a disaster occurs. Generate custom QR codes so your team can open the app on the right screen every time. Direct your employees with map-based visualizations for each worksite. You can even map out the most efficient route through the area.

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With Aliquots ability to integrate with controllers on site, you can prevent costly return trips to adjust settings. Our team of professionals can help connect the app to most controllers, allowing you to adjust settings from anywhere. You can be alerted to a water quality problem and make the necessary dosing adjustments in the Aliquot app.

Using Aliquot’s more efficient workflow designs and tools you can guide your team through accounts big and small.

Expedite Reporting and Data Visualization

Generating reports can be one of the most time-consuming aspects of the job. Different areas, such as boilers, cooling towers, and wastewater, require specific types of data presentation. With Aliquot’s centralized data system, report generation becomes automated. You only need to create the necessary graph once, and it will automatically update with the latest data. This template can then be used across various job sites. Specifically designed for the water industry, Aliquot enables the generation of service reports, equipment surveys, site audits, inspection checklists, and other compliance-required reports. Our one-touch reporting feature allows you to create images of your graphs and visualizations, which can be directly attached to emails. This keeps your customers informed, satisfied, and reassured that your treatment processes are functioning as intended.

You can customize reports from Aliquot for each project.

Water Quality Software for Everyone

AquaPhoenix strives to be your one source for water quality supplies and reagents. With Aliquot we can be your one source for data management software. Aliquot is scalable business software designed with industrial water treatment in mind. It is customizable and capable of growing alongside your needs. Log data, generate reports, connect to on-site water controllers, and manage your team all in one app. Schedule a demo today to see how Aliquot can integrate into your current workflow to start saving you time and money on every job.

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High Range HR CHEMets Product Announcement

A New Way To Measure at High Ranges

We are pleased to announce the upcoming Summer 2024 launch of a new way to test at high concentrations, High Range or HR CHEMets! These direct-read test kits offer rapid results without compromising the simplicity you expect when running a CHEMetrics test.

What are HR CHEMets?

HR CHEMets Test Kits are direct-read colorimetric visual test kits offering high range concentration testing. They use the same self-filling vacuum-sealed ampoule as a standard CHEMets test with a step by step procedure that accomplishes sample dilution using a syringe or a MiniPet®*.  If you’ve performed one of our tests before, you are ready to use an HR CHEMets test!


How Do HR CHEMets Work?

HR CHEMets utilize a syringe or a fixed volume pipet, called a MiniPet®*,  to measure an accurate aliquot of your sample. Simply transfer the stipulated volume to your sample cup, fill the sample cup with distilled water to the indicated line, snap the HR CHEMets ampoule in the sample, and use the color comparator to get your result. The VACUettes test procedure step involving transferring the sample to the micro test tube has been eliminated from the HR CHEMets test procedure. No additional labware is needed.

The HR CHEMets kits offer the same test methods that you have been utilizing in the VACUettes kits, so you don’t have to worry about new interference. The HR CHEMets offer new testing ranges to better align with applications in various industries.

A list of the HR CHEMets kits is provided at the end of this article.

Where Can I Purchase HR CHEMets?

HR CHEMets will be available on the CHEMetrics website and can be ordered via phone at 800.356.3072 or email at You can also contact your AquaPhoenix sales representative to place an order.

Thank You For Your Support

As we launch HR CHEMets we will be phasing out VACUettes test kits. While VACUettes have served us well, we believe that HR CHEMets offer more value, simplicity, flexibility and reliability for high range water analysis. We thank you for your loyalty and support during this change. We are confident that that these products will meet or exceed your testing needs. As always, feel free to contact us if we can assist you in finding the most appropriate product for your application.

*MiniPet is a registered trademark of Tricontinent Scientific, Inc.

HR CHEMets Kits Available Starting in Summer 2024
Kit Catalog # Analyte Measurement Range (ppm) Refill Catalog #
K-1430D Ammonia 0-2000 & 0-10,000 R-1402 + A-0171
K-1520D Ammonia 5-50 R-1501
K-1520A Ammonia 25-250 R-1501
K-1520B Ammonia 125-1250 R-1501 + A-0171
K-1520C Ammonia 1000-10,000 R-1501 + A-0171
K-2520D Chlorine 0-25 R-2500
K-2520A Chlorine 0-125 R-2500
K-2520B Chlorine 0-500 R-2500 + A-0171
K-2520C Chlorine 0-2000 R-2500 + A-0171
K-5020D Hydrazine 0-12.5 R-5005
K-5020C Hydrazine 0-500 R-5005 + A-0171
K-5520D Hydrogen Peroxide 5-50 R-5510
K-5520A Hydrogen Peroxide 25-250 R-5510
K-5520B Hydrogen Peroxide 125-1250 R-5510 + A-0171
K-5520C Hydrogen Peroxide 1000-10,000 R-5510 + A-0171
K-5808 Hypochlorite 0-1.55% R-2500 + A-0171
K-5816 Hypochlorite 0-12.55% R-2500 + A-0171
K-6020D Iron (Total & Soluble) 10-100 R-6001
K-6020A Iron (Total & Soluble) 50-500 R-6001
K-6020B Iron (Total & Soluble) 250-2500 R-6001 + A-0171
K-6220D Iron (Total & Ferrous) 10-100 R-6201
K-6909A Nitrate 0-225 R-7002 + A-6900
K-6909D Nitrate 0-45 R-7002 + A-6900
K-7020B Nitrite 0-250 R-7002 + A-0171
K-7020C Nitrite 0-2000 R-7002 + A-0171
K-8020D Phenols 0-300 R-8012
K-8520D Phosphate 10-100 R-8510
K-9520D Sulfide 5-50 R-9510
K-9520A Sulfide 25-250 R-9510
K-9520B Sulfide 125-1250 R-9510 + A-0171
K-9520C Sulfide 1000-10,000 R-9510 + A-0171


Update to CHEMetrics’ Product SDSs and Labels

Please be aware that CHEMetrics product SDSs and labels are actively being updated. This process began in December 2023 and will continue to be adjusted and implemented over the coming months. The goal of these changes is to ensure that all product regulatory information is compliant and clearly presented on our products. This means that there will be some new labels and in new locations.

Where applicable, labels with reagent information will be applied directly to the BACK of the individual trays that hold the ampoules (identified by an internal “WK-“ or “WR-“ product code). In addition to hazard information, the tray labels will include product lot identification and expiration date.

In products that include multiple reagent-containing components, such as Vacu-vials® and Titrets® Kits, each product component label will have full regulatory information. The kit label, applied to the top panel of the kit box, will carry a lot code identifier that captures lot number traceability for all components in the kit.

For CHEMets® refills that do not contain multiple reagent-containing components, the label on the exterior of the product box will also have full regulatory lot and expiration date information.
Access to our SDSs will be changing as well. To obtain access to the new SDSs, either use the QR code on the product label, or go to the specific hyperlink on the product label (example: SDS: Available: After using this path to get into SDS fetch, click on the “Test Kits” tab then on the Test kit ID to see SDSs for the components in your test kit. You can also then search for any CHEMetrics product number in the search bar.

Label Examples below (for K-1503 Ammonia Vacu-vials® Test Kit):

Label on each tray of ampoules. The QR code directs you to the SDS for the ampoules


Label on the bottle of Stabilizer Solution.


Label on top panel of kit box (carries the kit catalog number for ordering purposes).

If you have any questions or concerns about the labeling of our products, please contact our customer service online or call us at 800.356.3072.