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Chemical & Reagent Manufacturing

Chemical Manufacturing

chemical manufacturing productsAll of the chemicals and reagents that we offer are manufactured at our Hanover, Pennsylvania facility. Our focus is on quality. Starting materials are usually ACS grade and all testing reagents have Certificate of Analysis available. NIST-traceability is available on items such as calibration solutions. Induction seals (like a Tylenol bottle) under our caps ensure product integrity and decrease the possibility of a leak during shipment. These items are handled by our in-house, certified experts to confirm packages are shipped according to HM-126F, Dangerous Goods Regulations.

Customized Chemical Manufacturing

Our chemists on staff will create customized testing reagents and chemicals for your particular application. Customized packaging and private labeling is also available to meet your specific requirements. Reagents can be combined with meters to create custom combination test kits specifically designed for your business needs. Our flexibility in producing customer-specific testing reagents is a primary reason why AquaPhoenix is widely recognized as an industry leader.

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Reagent Manufacturing

As a chemical reagent manufacturing company, product integrity is a top priority. We manufacture buffers, chemical indicators, reagents, standards and titrants which are NIST-traceable and ACS Grade ensuring consistent and reliable performance. Additionally, tight product specifications, stability and extended expiration dates mean minimal waste and disposal cost. Our ISO 9001:2015 certification signifies our commitment to provide products that meet customer and regulatory requirements aiming to ensure consistency and reliability with your testing. All chemical and reagent products can be private-labeled with your company logo at no additional cost!

conductivity standards with private labeling in various sizes

Focused on Quality

Our priority is delivering quality products and outstanding service. The company’s ISO 9001:2015 Certified QMS is just one more way to define the high standards that differentiate us from our competitors. In addition, commitment to safety is a common thread that runs throughout all levels of our organization. From the products we design, produce, package and deliver, to the environment in which we operate, safety takes priority. Other indicators of quality include:

  • ACS Grade – Starting materials are typically ACS Grade
  • ISO 9001:2015 – certified manufacturing and processing facility
  • Calibration with NIST traceability – ensures precise measurement and performance
  • Certificate of Analysis – product specification documentation
  • Reagent expiration dates – maintains laboratory testing viability
  • Container induction seals – ensures product integrity and decreases the possibility of leaks

Customer-Specific Testing Reagents

EndPoint ID test kit for hardness from AquaPhoenix Scientific

In addition to our large in-stock reagent inventory, our experienced and knowledgeable chemists possess the expertise to develop customized products for your specific applications. Combining custom products with private labeling is an excellent way to build loyalty with your customer base while enhancing brand recognition. If you have a special need, please contact our team. We are happy to work with you for unique requests.

A Trusted and Reliable Chemical & Reagent Supplier

Take advantage of our reliable on-time delivery rate and quick turn-around time for orders. We try to keep business simple. This means customized product formulations, free private labeling, and always speaking “live” with a customer service representative.

Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed

AquaPhoenix offers same- or next-day shipping for most in-stock items with no additional processing fees for rush orders. Our fast turnaround times ensure you will have the products you need, when you need them. There are no minimum order requirements, allowing us to accommodate requests ranging from one item to 100. Additionally, our chemical manufacturing process is backed by our comprehensive guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your testing reagent, you can return the product without a hassle. It’s part of our commitment to providing the best solutions and equipment to our customers. Choose AquaPhoenix Scientific to be your chemical reagent supplier today.

To learn more or request a quote, please contact us.

Private Label Chemical Manufacturing

Private labeled reagentsPrivate labeling is a great way to build brand loyalty with your customers. By placing your company logo and unique product codes on your private labeled chemicals and test kits, you are increasing your brand awareness, which can serve as a pathway to repeat sales. Including your name and contact information on your products means your customers will think of you when it’s time to make a purchase. AquaPhoenix offers full-color private labeling on a wide variety of products such as test kit cases, reagent bottles, test instructions and videos. All of this is provided with no minimum quantity requirements and at no additional cost. Whether you need 1 or 100, we will place your company name, logo and contact information on the finished product.

AquaPhoenix has an ISO 9001:2015 Certified QMS, giving you the added assurance of knowing that the private labeled chemicals and test kits you are offering to your customer base meet our (and your) high standards for quality.

Numerous Label and Packaging Options Are Available

Our private labeling options are completely customizable. We offer several styles and sizes of labels and packaging. From standard labels with one color to glossy, waterproof labels with full-color printing. We will work with you in choosing the proper label depending on the product and your specific needs.

private labeled equipment from AquaPhoenix ScientificPrivate-Labeled Equipment

We also offer private-labeled equipment packages. We can customize your panel system with a personal touch and professional look through custom engraved panels and nameplates. Blue, black and white HDPE panel material is available for custom builds.

  • Blue, Black or White HDPE Panel
  • Custom Engraving Directly on the Panel
  • Colored Badges in Aluminum, Stainless or PVC

Learn more about customized equipment.


AquaPhoenix Private Labeling Requirements

If you are interested in private labeling your reagent products, please make sure you provide us with a high-resolution (300 dpi or greater) logo. JPEG or EPS files are preferred. We want to make sure your product looks as good as possible, so it’s very important to start with a high-quality version of your logo. If you have questions about the type of file you should supply, give us a call and we can give you guidance.

Private Label Sample

To learn more or request a quote, please contact us.

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