Our dedicated team works with you throughout the entire design process. Our in-house chemists, biologists, engineers and education professionals help to select the right products for your unique curriculum. In addition, we’ll provide field test samples to be sure the specific activities work as intended, so that once they are implemented in the classroom, assessing student mastery of specific topics is accurate and consistent from year to year.


By sourcing products globally, we are able to import container load quantities at very competitive prices. Deliveries are made to our Hanover, Pennsylvania facility on a regular basis where we inspect and manage inventory. Each year, we schedule several international trips (India, China, etc.) to inspect facilities, spot-check production lines, confirm quality standards and ensure shipping timelines are being met.


Where our international suppliers allow for bulk quantities, our domestic suppliers offer us the flexibility to procure small quantities quickly. Strong relationships with multiple suppliers increase our ability to source products for quick order processing and custom kit production.


Our in-house manufacturing and fabrication capabilities provide additional flexibility to our customers. We manufacture a wide range of chemicals and test kits for the educational market and can fabricate custom components based on your individual needs and requirements.