High Range HR CHEMets Product Announcement

A New Way To Measure at High Ranges

We are pleased to announce the upcoming Summer 2024 launch of a new way to test at high concentrations, High Range or HR CHEMets! These direct-read test kits offer rapid results without compromising the simplicity you expect when running a CHEMetrics test.

What are HR CHEMets?

HR CHEMets Test Kits are direct-read colorimetric visual test kits offering high range concentration testing. They use the same self-filling vacuum-sealed ampoule as a standard CHEMets test with a step by step procedure that accomplishes sample dilution using a syringe or a MiniPet®*.  If you’ve performed one of our tests before, you are ready to use an HR CHEMets test!


How Do HR CHEMets Work?

HR CHEMets utilize a syringe or a fixed volume pipet, called a MiniPet®*,  to measure an accurate aliquot of your sample. Simply transfer the stipulated volume to your sample cup, fill the sample cup with distilled water to the indicated line, snap the HR CHEMets ampoule in the sample, and use the color comparator to get your result. The VACUettes test procedure step involving transferring the sample to the micro test tube has been eliminated from the HR CHEMets test procedure. No additional labware is needed.

The HR CHEMets kits offer the same test methods that you have been utilizing in the VACUettes kits, so you don’t have to worry about new interference. The HR CHEMets offer new testing ranges to better align with applications in various industries.

A list of the HR CHEMets kits is provided at the end of this article.

Where Can I Purchase HR CHEMets?

HR CHEMets will be available on the CHEMetrics website and can be ordered via phone at 800.356.3072 or email at orders@aquaphoenixsci.com. You can also contact your AquaPhoenix sales representative to place an order.

Thank You For Your Support

As we launch HR CHEMets we will be phasing out VACUettes test kits. While VACUettes have served us well, we believe that HR CHEMets offer more value, simplicity, flexibility and reliability for high range water analysis. We thank you for your loyalty and support during this change. We are confident that that these products will meet or exceed your testing needs. As always, feel free to contact us if we can assist you in finding the most appropriate product for your application.

*MiniPet is a registered trademark of Tricontinent Scientific, Inc.

HR CHEMets Kits Available Starting in Summer 2024
Kit Catalog # Analyte Measurement Range (ppm) Refill Catalog #
K-1430D Ammonia 0-2000 & 0-10,000 R-1402 + A-0171
K-1520D Ammonia 5-50 R-1501
K-1520A Ammonia 25-250 R-1501
K-1520B Ammonia 125-1250 R-1501 + A-0171
K-1520C Ammonia 1000-10,000 R-1501 + A-0171
K-2520D Chlorine 0-25 R-2500
K-2520A Chlorine 0-125 R-2500
K-2520B Chlorine 0-500 R-2500 + A-0171
K-2520C Chlorine 0-2000 R-2500 + A-0171
K-5020D Hydrazine 0-12.5 R-5005
K-5020C Hydrazine 0-500 R-5005 + A-0171
K-5520D Hydrogen Peroxide 5-50 R-5510
K-5520A Hydrogen Peroxide 25-250 R-5510
K-5520B Hydrogen Peroxide 125-1250 R-5510 + A-0171
K-5520C Hydrogen Peroxide 1000-10,000 R-5510 + A-0171
K-5808 Hypochlorite 0-1.55% R-2500 + A-0171
K-5816 Hypochlorite 0-12.55% R-2500 + A-0171
K-6020D Iron (Total & Soluble) 10-100 R-6001
K-6020A Iron (Total & Soluble) 50-500 R-6001
K-6020B Iron (Total & Soluble) 250-2500 R-6001 + A-0171
K-6220D Iron (Total & Ferrous) 10-100 R-6201
K-6909A Nitrate 0-225 R-7002 + A-6900
K-6909D Nitrate 0-45 R-7002 + A-6900
K-7020B Nitrite 0-250 R-7002 + A-0171
K-7020C Nitrite 0-2000 R-7002 + A-0171
K-8020D Phenols 0-300 R-8012
K-8520D Phosphate 10-100 R-8510
K-9520D Sulfide 5-50 R-9510
K-9520A Sulfide 25-250 R-9510
K-9520B Sulfide 125-1250 R-9510 + A-0171
K-9520C Sulfide 1000-10,000 R-9510 + A-0171