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Cleaning & Sanitation

Cleaning & Sanitation Test Kits

We offer an extensive line of test kits for cleaning and sanitation systems serving the food and beverage, dairy farm, laundry, ware wash and car wash industries. Our high-quality cleaning and sanitation test kits are used in Clean-In-Place (CIP), spray and foam systems and iodine baths.

Peracetic Acid Test Kit

Personalize your products and grow your brand with our complete line of EndPoint ID drop count test kits that can be customized to your needs. We manufacture your chemical test kits to include unique instructions with preset multipliers of your product-specific factors. Additionally, we private label reagent bottles and test kits with your company logo and contact information.

Our complete testing product line includes:

  • Bacteria testing
  • Comparators
  • pH meters
  • Conductivity meters
  • ATP test kits
  • Microbial testing
  • Test strips
  • And more

Why Are Cleaning and Sanitation Kits Essential?

Cleaning and sanitation procedures are essential for any industry processing food or beverage products. Facilities must maintain a clean and sanitary workplace as these environments are highly regulated and monitored by the state and federal governments.

Thorough cleaning procedures, such as using high temperatures and correct sanitizer levels, are vital for safety and compliance. Cleaning and sanitation test kits are essential to this process as they allow you to verify and monitor your processes to maintain effectiveness.

Cleaning a surface means you are removing unwanted material from a surface or object by mechanical, manual or chemical methods. An effective cleaning program requires an adequate water supply, water analysis, chemistry, detergent performance, and function of sanitizing agents.

Sanitizing is the treatment process of a cleaned surface with chemical or physical agents to reduce and/or eliminate micro-organisms. Sanitizing is not a substitute for poor cleaning practices. Sanitizers are only effective on clean surfaces. There are several types of sanitizers, and we offer test kits AquaPhoenix quat test kitto effectively monitor levels of:

  • Chorine
  • Chlorine Dioxide
  • Iodine
  • Peracetic Acid
  • Acid Sanitizers
  • Quats
  • Hydrogen Peroxide

Here are more reasons cleaning and sanitation kits are so crucial:

  • Chemical sanitizers become ineffective: Over time, the chemicals in sanitizers can grow weak and stop being effective at cleaning. Concentration levels must be tested. With a cleaning and sanitation kit, you can track how well your chemical sanitizer works and update it as needed.
  • Food particles weaken sanitizer strength: Sanitation kits are especially essential in the food industry, where cleaning systems encounter thousands of food particles each day. These particles can lessen a sanitizer’s efficiency as time passes because they weaken the active ingredients. You can ensure the system remains effective by testing daily.

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Why You Should Test Your Sanitizers

From food and beverage manufacturing to laundromats to car washes, cleaning sanitizers should be tested frequently. The more you test, the better informed you’ll be in monitoring concentration levels and the effectiveness of your cleaning program. It’s critical to keep customers safe, monitor cleaning processes and abide by regulations.

These are other essential reasons for testing sanitation solutions:

  • Meeting safety regulations and industry standards
  • Protecting customer health and satisfaction
  • Abiding by sanitation verification programs
  • Meeting compliance standards
  • Ensuring sanitizers are mixed properly per the manufacturer’s instructions

Sanitation Test Kits

We manufacture a variety of sanitation, cleaning and bacteria testing kits. Here are a few examples from our extensive catalog:

  • Acidity test kits: Our drop count titration kits help you verify and measure acid levels in cleaners. You can use these tests for a variety of cleaner types and receive 60 to 75 tests with each kit.
  • Bacterial tests: Our many bacteria and microbial testing kits will identify bacteria on surfaces and in water. A quick and simple method of testing, ATP test kits are ideal for speed and accuracy. Simply swab a cleaned surface to determine the effectiveness of your cleaning and sanitation procedures. Results from these bacteria surface tests can be analyzed in seconds and is a great way to verify your cleaning and sanitation process. We offer an extensive collection of ATP test kits from 3M and Hygiena.
  • Custom kits: If you have a specific testing application, we can also work with you to create a custom chemical test kit. Our durable cases and custom-cut foam inserts will keep your meters and test reagents secure during transport. You can also add your company logo to the kit as an added benefit at no extra cost.

The Benefits of AquaPhoenix Test Kits

As a leading cleaning and sanitation test kit provider, we pride ourselves on our premier products and services. We are also an Authorized 3M Distributor. We set ourselves apart from competitors with our dedication to high-quality materials and personalized customer service. When you buy a sanitation kit from us, you will also experience the following benefits:

We Offer Simplified Testing Procedures

All our titration test kits feature our unique EndPoint ID® test procedures. These procedures offer photographic instructions and color-coded caps to help simplify your testing. Our EndPoint ID® procedures are a more user-friendly alternative to traditional text instructions and ideal for training new reps in the field. These test instructions also feature scannable QR codes for viewing training videos on your smartphone.

Full-Service Fulfillment Center Capabilities

We can ship bulk orders to your facility, or we can serve as your fulfillment center. We will stock and ship orders directly to your customers, helping you cut costs and save space in your facility. Our modern, climate-controlled facility enables us to carry a large assortment of test kits and testing products to fulfill orders of any size in a timely manner.

The Best Customer Support in the Industry

When you choose to work with us, you also benefit from industry-leading customer service. Live customer service representatives are available from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST to answer questions and resolve issues quickly and efficiently. We’re committed to going “above and beyond” to serve you.

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