New Monochloramine Water Analysis Test Kits

CHEMetrics is pleased to announce the release of two new test kits employing the hydroxybenzyl alcohol  (HBA) method to measure monochloramine in water. These test kits are perfect for drinking water and wastewater testing applications in the field and lab. This method measures only monochloramine and expresses the results as ppm (mg/L) monochloramine as chlorine (NH2Cl-Cl2) in just 5 minutes.  (Monochloramine in water reacts with HBA in the presence of sodium nitroferricyanide to form a green colored complex in direct relation to the concentration of monochloramine.)

The CHEMets® K-6802 visual test kit measures from 0-20 ppm NH2Cl-Cl2 utilizing vacuum sealed self-filling ampoule technology. It comes with everything needed to perform 30 tests packed into a convenient plastic case.

The Vacu-vials® K-6803 instrumental test kit measures in the following ranges depending on the instrument:

  • CHEMetrics V-2000 Photometer: 0 – 15.0 ppm NH2Cl-Cl2 (Prog. # 117)
  • CHEMetrics V-3000 Photometer: 0 – 8.00 ppm NH2Cl-Cl2 (Prog. # 117)
  • Spectrophotometer: 0 – 8.00 ppm NH2Cl-Cl2

K-6803 uses self-filling ampoules that are compatible with any spectrophotometer that accepts a 13mm round cell. The kit comes with everything needed to perform 30 tests packaged into an environmentally-friendly cardboard box.

For more information about our HBA test kits for monochloramine, visit, call 800.356.3072 or fill out a form to contact Technical Services.