Process Excellence 2019

In today’s competitive global marketplace, operational excellence is not an option; it is the only way to succeed. Manufacturing companies must make the ongoing quest for excellence a top priority if they hope to remain viable and continue to meet their productivity and profitability objectives. Specific initiatives may include LEAN, Six Sigma and Quality certifications, such as ISO.

AquaPhoenix is pleased to announce that our team has received the 2019 Award of Excellence in Manufacturing for “Process Excellence” by MANTEC. The awards are given to South Central Pennsylvania manufacturers that have demonstrated a commitment to improving the business through Smart Manufacturing.

Nick Khuri, Continuous Improvement Manager at Aquaphoenix accepting the MANTEC award

Center: Nick Khuri, Continuous Improvement Manager accepts MANTEC award


Thank you MANTEC and congratulations to all the 2019 winners. To learn more, visit MANTEC at