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EndPoint ID® Test Procedures

Our EndPoint ID® test procedure has been designed to take the guesswork out of the testing process. Instead of relying on text alone, we use the power of visual imagery to bring the process to life — keeping it simple.

The color photos included on the instructions show the expected color change with each step. The colored caps on the reagents bottles match the colored bar on the EndPoint ID procedure for easy identification of the test parameter being used.

endpoint id test procedure - backEndPoint ID_front

Superior Quality and Value

  • Scannable QR codes link to comprehensive training videos via your smart phone
  • Visual icons for testing and safety tips
  • Possible interferences for accurate results
  • Pictures to help identify color changes in test sample
  • Durable synthetic paper that is waterproof, chemical-resistant and tear-resistant

hardness test kit with EndPoint ID and a video playing on an iPad

EndPoint ID® PLUS: Taking the EndPoint ID® Testing Process to the Next Level

Our EndPoint ID® PLUS procedures go one step beyond the standard EndPoint ID® procedure. The easy-to-follow full-page instructions feature all the great benefits of our EndPoint ID instructions, but include even more pictures to illustrate every step of your test. Customize the procedures with a private label containing your company logo and contact information. Our EndPoint ID® PLUS procedures are ideal for posting in testing areas and are available in English as well as Spanish.

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