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Test Kits

private labeled test kitAquaPhoenix offers a wide variety of drop count test kits for various applications. Our manufactured test kits feature our unique EndPoint ID test procedures, which can be customized with specific test factors to meet individual testing requirements. Labels placed on the test kit and reagent bottles can be private labeled with your company logo and contact information to increase awareness within your service area. As an ISO 9001-registered company, we ensure all our test kits meet the highest industry standards for quality.

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AquaPhoenix Scientific Drop Test Kits

Browse our selection of test kits for your applications.

EndPoint ID® acidity test kits can verify acid concentration levels for cleaners used in the sanitation industry. Receive concentration results in a percentage, and use for foaming acid cleaners, acid CIP cleaners and manual or general acid cleaners. A complete kit supports 60 to 75 tests.

Designed specifically for hard surface and environmental sanitizers, our acid sanitizer tests determine concentration levels in parts per million (ppm). These EndPoint ID® test kits also support custom test factors if needed for your specific product or application.

EndPoint ID water alkalinity test kits measure the levels of bicarbonate, carbonate, and OH alkalinity present by titrating your sample with a standard acid solution to reach a specified pH endpoint. P Alkalinity (Phenolphthalein), is pH 8.3, and T Alkalinity (Total Alkalinity), is pH 4.6.

Bromine compounds are highly effective biocides with lower environmental impact than chlorine. Our EndPoint ID kit bromine test kit measures the level of bromine in the solution.

Caustic based solutions are powerful cleaners and sanitizers. Our EndPoint ID caustic test kits determine caustic level levels in percentages.

Chelants tie up metal ions in a solution, making them valuable for preventing iron, copper, calcium and magnesium scaling. Chelants can be combined with sequestering agents for scale control. Determining chelant levels is critical for control in industrial water applications with results in parts per million (ppm) EDTA.

In industrial water treatment, chloride testing controls cycles in cooling towers and boilers. Titrate your sample with a standard silver nitrate solution with chromate as an indicator. For lower-level detections, use our available mercuric nitrate titrant.

Determine ppm concentration levels of chlorinated alkaline cleaner in a solution. Use our EndPoint ID test kits with chlorinated alkaline CIP, foaming and manual or general cleaners. Kits can be customized for your specific product or application.

Chlorine is used as a micro-organism control agent in water systems. Chlorine kills pathogens in drinking water, slime-forming bacteria in cooling water, SRBs and mold species in various applications and wastewaters. We offer several chemistries to determine levels of Free and Total Chlorine.

Test chlorine dioxide concentration levels in cooling towers, environmental sanitizing and hard surface sanitizing. Receive concentration results in ppm.

Calcium and magnesium salts dissolved in water lead to scale build-up. Our EndPoint ID hardness test kits can detect trace hardness levels as low as 0.3 ppm. AquaPhoenix uses EDTA Chemistry to titrate calcium and magnesium levels. We offer a full range of hardness kits to fit your needs.

Verify concentration levels of hydrogen peroxide in parts per million (ppm). These concentration levels are most valuable to the sanitation industry and are commonly used for sanitizers, wash water and wastewater.

Identify concentrations of iodine in hard surface sanitizers, hand dips, foot baths and environmental sanitizers. View results in parts per million (ppm).

Establish custom test factors and verify conveyor lube concentration in sanitation processes. This test kit includes refill reagents, sulfuric acid and a total alkalinity indicator.

EndPoint ID® Molybdenum drop count test kits are easy to use for your testing applications. Parts per million (ppm) per drop is based on dilution factors to fit your needs.

Neutralizing amines keep condensate pH in steam in the alkaline range and prevent carbonic acid attack on return line systems. Use the neutralizing amine test kits to determine the concentration in condensate with various result expressions.

Nitrite often acts as a corrosion inhibitor, making it critical in various closed systems. Our nitrite test kits include the CAN test method and the permanganate method. The CAN method is a popular option because it’s easier to run and supports systems with glycol.

Orthophosphate has several uses in water treatment. PO4 reacts with calcium hardness for scale control. Orthophosphate is used for corrosion inhibition and to control iron and manganese in fresh water. Our EndPoint ID® reagent test kits feature filtering equipment that is recommended before testing to generate accurate results.

Peracetic acid is a chemical sanitizer widely used in meat packing plants and other food processors. Testing and monitoring concentration levels of peracetic acid is a mandatory control in all food processing applications.

pH determination is necessary in almost all chemical applications. Our available pH test kits offer a range of pH testing indicators including cresol red, bromthymol blue, phenol red and thymol blue.

Results are expressed as ppm HEDP or PBTC. We also offer modified phosphonate kits to compensate for potential fluoride interferences and high alkaline waters. Use this kit with Hach UV digestion kit to verify your results.

Determine quat concentrations in ppm for foot baths, hand dips, hard surface sanitizers and environmental sanitizers. Quats are an excellent algae control agent in cooling towers. Choose test kits based on ppm detection needs.

Sulfite is used to scavenge oxygen from water to prevent corrosion and pitting and is used mainly in boiler water applications. For a successful test, cool your samples quickly and perform the test immediately. Sulfite tests include a range of indicators and titrants based on parts per million (ppm) detection requirements.

Let us build a custom test kit for your needs

We work with you to design and build a custom kit for your specific testing application. Durable pelican cases with custom cut foam securely hold your meters, dropper bottles, flasks and other equipment. Stock your testing kit with all the best brands as you design your portable test station.

In addition to offering industry-leading brands for your drop test kits, we also offer customized packaging with private labeling at no extra charge. Add your logo to your packaging to build brand loyalty with your customer base and keep everything organized in test cases or backpacks.

You choose the components and reagents for your test based on your requirements. Popular custom kits include water alkalinity test kits, boiler test kits and portable buret titration test cases. Complete customization offers the flexibility you need to develop kits for a wide range of testing applications.

Learn more about custom test kit options and build yours today.

Pelican test kit from AquaPhoenix

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Your One Source for All Your Test Kit Needs

In addition to our manufactured drop count test kits, we also stock kits that include color cubes, color discs and ampoules from industry-leading suppliers. With products from brands like Hach, CHEMetrics and 3M, you can develop comprehensive testing processes with reliable results.

Our combination of a wide selection of customizable solutions and superior products gives us the opportunity to fulfill all your needs. No minimum order requirements, prompt shipping and no processing fees for rush orders allow us to provide unsurpassed customer service. We are dedicated to achieving total customer satisfaction.

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