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Students Grade AquaPhoenix Facility

On Tuesday, October 22, 2019 students from a local STEAM academy conducted three activities at AquaPhoenix Scientific. The purpose of their visit was to build on what they’ve been learning regarding the rain cycle and answer questions such as what is in rainwater, how does rain pull CO2 out of the air, and more.  

During the first activity, students utilized the Schoolyard Report Card by the Student Action Team of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation to grade our facility. They observed rain runoff, a pond, stream, and watershed areas on our property.  

The next activity involved testing rainwater samples for pH, conductivity, and hardness. To demonstrate how CO2 gas dissolves in the rain as it falls, students used a straw to blow air into the sample, observing a pH indicator color change.  

A visit to AquaPhoenix would not be complete without a tour of the facilities. Students were also able to tour the facilities and learn how AquaPhoenix turns city water into deionized water and visit our in-house Chemistry team in the lab conducting titrations.