Upcoming Changes to CHEMetrics VACUettes® High Range Visual Colorimetric Tests

What is Changing?

In the coming days you will notice a change to the packaging for all VACUettes products. The VACUettes capillary tips will no longer be attached to the test ampoule. Instead, the tips will now be supplied in a small plastic box packaged alongside the CHEMets refill containing the ampoules. If you are ordering a VACUettes test kit (Catalog Numbers that start with a “K”), the box containing the tips will be inside the plastic case for the test kit. If you are purchasing a VACUettes refill (Cat #’s – beginning with an “R”) the box of tips will be packaged with the CHEMets refill and updated product instructions in a resealable plastic bag.

The part numbers for these products ARE NOT changing for this change in packaging.

VACUettes Packaging will now have the tips in a small plastic box within a resealable plastic bag.

An example of the new VACUettes product packaging.

Before performing a test, the VACUettes tip will need to be attached to the tip of the CHEMets ampoule. The updated instructions will detail how to put the tip on the ampoule. Kit instructions are also available on our website on the individual kit and refill product pages.

What’s Next for the VACUettes Product Line?

In the coming months we will be discontinuing the entire VACUettes product line, but we will replace it with a new line of high range test kits. The new line of test kits will offer improved ease of use along with the same direct read convenience that VACUettes tests provided. More information on these new products will be coming soon.

Can I Purchase More VACUettes Test Kits Now?

We will continue to offer VACUettes test kits for several months until our stock runs out. A full list of VACUettes products can be found on this page. You can place orders online at chemetrics.com, through your AquaPhoenix sales rep, or via phone at 800.356.3072.

I Have a Question!

If you have any questions or concerns you can fill out a contact us form or talk to a customer service representative at 800.356.3072. We will continue to update our blog with new information regarding the VACUettes change so please check back soon. We thank you for your business!