Update to CHEMetrics’ Product SDSs and Labels

Please be aware that CHEMetrics product SDSs and labels are actively being updated. This process began in December 2023 and will continue to be adjusted and implemented over the coming months. The goal of these changes is to ensure that all product regulatory information is compliant and clearly presented on our products. This means that there will be some new labels and in new locations.

Where applicable, labels with reagent information will be applied directly to the BACK of the individual trays that hold the ampoules (identified by an internal “WK-“ or “WR-“ product code). In addition to hazard information, the tray labels will include product lot identification and expiration date.

In products that include multiple reagent-containing components, such as Vacu-vials® and Titrets® Kits, each product component label will have full regulatory information. The kit label, applied to the top panel of the kit box, will carry a lot code identifier that captures lot number traceability for all components in the kit.

For CHEMets® refills that do not contain multiple reagent-containing components, the label on the exterior of the product box will also have full regulatory lot and expiration date information.
Access to our SDSs will be changing as well. To obtain access to the new SDSs, either use the QR code on the product label, or go to the specific hyperlink on the product label (example: SDS: Available: sdsfetch.com/v1503ss). After using this path to get into SDS fetch, click on the “Test Kits” tab then on the Test kit ID to see SDSs for the components in your test kit. You can also then search for any CHEMetrics product number in the search bar.

Label Examples below (for K-1503 Ammonia Vacu-vials® Test Kit):

Label on each tray of ampoules. The QR code directs you to the SDS for the ampoules


Label on the bottle of Stabilizer Solution.


Label on top panel of kit box (carries the kit catalog number for ordering purposes).

If you have any questions or concerns about the labeling of our products, please contact our customer service online or call us at 800.356.3072.