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Field trip takes 7th graders on tour of AquaPhoenix

Students from South Western School District traveled to AquaPhoenix Scientific on a field trip April 8. The students began their visit by listening to a presentation on the history of the company, core values, and the career opportunities at AquaPhoenix. CEO, Frank Lecrone, a South Western alum, was on hand for students to ask questions. The students then broke up into smaller groups to tour the facility and get some hands-on experience running a titration and dissecting an owl pellet.

On the tour, students met our continuous improvement mascot, Aviator Kyle, and heard how each member of our team can offer suggestions as part of an ongoing effort to make us a better organization. They also visited our chemistry lab, kitting, and shipping lines during the tour.

Next, students learned proper sample handling and testing techniques using AquaPhoenix reagents. Our Chemists helped students run a titration on a sample of water resulting in a color-change. To ensure accurate results, students followed instructions for getting eye level with the sample vial, measuring from the bottom of the meniscus, and holding the dropper bottles vertically for uniform drops.

Our Education Department facilitated the next activity which was the ever-popular Kemtec Owl Pellet Kit. Pellets are a record of what owls have eaten so when students dissect them, they can see and identify the tiny bones from that owl’s meal and learn about the owl’s diet and place in the food web.

A final word to our student visitors: stay curious and ask lots of questions. Thanks for visiting!

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